Monica Talks Visa Claims Resolution for ‘Multichannel Merchant’

Monica Talks VCR for Multichannel Merchant

Latest Guest Post Covers Initial Impact of New Visa Policy

What is Visa Claims Resolution? How will it affect online merchants, and how can you be sure you’re prepared? Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone addresses these and many other questions in a recent guest feature for Multichannel Merchant.

Visa Claims Resolution, or VCR for short, is Visa’s new chargeback policy overhaul. The goal of these new rules is to speed-up dispute resolution by automating as much of the process as possible. But, as Monica points out, there is still a lot we don’t know.

“VCR could be a major windfall for merchants, or it could mean higher costs and no substantial reduction in chargebacks,” Monica suggests. “It does not mean an “end to chargebacks,” as some have incorrectly suggested; it merely transforms the process for how disputes are carried out. Its impact depends on whether merchants are ready to adapt.”

Visa Claims Resolution is already live. If you’re not yet prepared for the new rules, you could be left behind. Monica advises you act now, or risk further chargeback losses.

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