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Monica Eaton-Cardone, one of the world’s leading experts on chargebacks and payment disputes, shared her wealth of insight into the chargeback process in a recent feature with

Educating Consumers in the Wake of Rising Chargebacks

In the wake of the now-infamous Fyre Festival, more consumers than ever are asking questions about when it is appropriate to dispute transactions.

Most merchants have some familiarity with chargebacks and understand that they are not pleasant experiences. After all, more than 80% of all chargebacks are known to be cases of friendly fraud rather than legitimate. However, this does not mean that all chargebacks are uncalled for.

The true solution is not to assume that all chargebacks are fraudulent. Instead, the answer is for merchants to learn and adopt practices that prevent chargebacks, to help train customer behaviors, and create deterrents to prevent unnecessary disputes.

Monica helps with the latter in her latest appearance with, offering tips and guidance for consumers to help them determine when a chargeback is justifiable. Appearing alongside other commentators including Liz Weston of Nerdwallet, Matt Schultz of, and more, Monica helps broaden consumers’ understanding of the chargeback process.

Why Consumer Education Matters

Excessive chargebacks don’t just impact merchants; ultimately, the consumer pays a price as well.

Successful friendly fraud attacks siphon profits and merchandise away from merchants and force them to pay punishing chargeback fees. This leads merchants to raise prices to compensate for lost revenue, forcing honest consumers to pay more for goods.

While it’s tempting to believe that most friendly fraud is deliberate and malicious, consumers who file a chargeback usually do so because they genuinely believe it’s justified. They don’t understand the proper process or the implications for the merchants. They also do not realize that filing a chargeback without proper justification can negatively impact their credibility and may even lead their issuing bank to cancel their account.

One of the best ways to protect both merchants and consumers from the negative ramifications of friendly fraud is through consumer education. Monica is a strong advocate of encouraging consumer awareness of chargebacks, as education is one of the best ways to help prevent friendly fraud.


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