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Chargebacks911® COO & Other Experts Offers Insight on Staying Safe Online

Monica was one of several experts asked to provide insight for a recent feature on Best Company, explaining to consumers on how to stay safe online.

As cited in the article, roughly 9 in 10 Americans worry about online privacy and the security of their personal data. But, while security is a common concern, few people know how to protect themselves against bad actors. Consumers need to be educated if they’re going to be safe.

The experts consulted for the piece include executives from prominent online tech companies, doctors of computer science, and more. They provide plenty of sensible tips, including to protect your hardware, use a VPN, and turn off location services when not in use. For her insight, Monica insists that cardholders should be wary of phishing sites.

“Fraudsters will design email offers and create fake websites that look very similar to legitimate stores,” she explains. “They do this to ‘phish’ for your financial information, so they can steal from your bank account.” She goes on to provide several key indicators to watch for that can suggest fraud is at play. Continue below to check out the full article: