Monica Eaton Featured on St. Pete X Podcast

December 22, 2021 | 2 min read

Monica Eaton Featured on St. Pete X Podcast

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton sat down with host Joe Hamilton to discuss her success as a business leader in the Tampa Bay area in the latest episode of St Pete X.

The St. Pete X podcast features business and civic leaders in St. Petersburg, Florida, who share their insight, expertise and love of the city. An initiative of the St. Petersburg Group, St. Pete X strives to connect and elevate the city by sharing the voices of its citizens, and to bring awareness to the opportunities offered by the great St. Petersburg renaissance.

During their interview, Joe asked pointed questions about her background and experiences as a female entrepreneur in tech, and inquired about her many goals for the future. Monica discussed the trajectory of her life, from her work background to executive leadership in the fintech sphere. Growing up, she helped with the family business until she was old enough to begin crafting her own. Over the next several years, she worked hard to carve a firm niche into the financial landscape. Chargebacks911 is the culmination of a decade of inspiration, dedication, and innovation.

“I just have that gene, I have that odd gene that just is that insatiable appetite to continue to solve problems,” Monica said when asked about what drives her most. “And it’s not like I’ve ever really gotten out of business. Things just continue to pivot and move and you have new opportunities.”

When asked about Chargebacks911’s impact on the payments industry, she said, “Money is just there as a scorekeeper. It’s more about, what can I do for the world, and how can I impact something and make things better? I really think, being able to provide a very efficient exchange mechanism that protects transaction growth and helps improve the relationship between buyers and sellers, would be a phenomenal feat. You know, it’s a big dream, but I think it’s achievable.”

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