Monica Eaton Shares Millionaire Secrets on Rick Orford Blog

Chargebacks911® COO & 24 Other Millionaires Offer Secrets to Their Success

Monica Eaton, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911, was asked to contribute the secrets to her success in a recent feature for the Rick Orford blog. is a publisher that covers saving, investing, and earning money from 60+ expert authors. Since 2019, they’ve produced in-depth, yet easy-to-understand articles that have been referenced, syndicated, and featured on dozens of the biggest publications including Insider, Yahoo Finance & MSN.

In the article, 25 millionaires were interviewed in search of an answer to a prevalent question: “What is your number one money secret that could help others on their way to financial independence?” The answers received were as varied and complex as the individual moguls themselves.

When it was Monica’s turn, she answered, “When you truly, wholeheartedly love what you do — when you’re passionate about your industry, job, and profession — innovation is inevitable. It becomes what you think about, dream about, talk about, and read about.”

She emphasized the importance of those passions, “You love it so much, it would be unimaginable not to daydream about how to make it even better constantly! It’s who you are, and your career is a labor of love.  In my own experience, innovation is an emergent property of passion.  One begets the other.”

According to Monica, if you want to be a wealthy, successful, multimillionaire businessperson, you must choose a profession that aligns with your heartfelt passions.  Otherwise, you’ll be competing 24 hours a day against genuinely passionate people, which won’t be a fair fight.

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