Monica Eaton on IBS Intelligence Podcast

January 5, 2022 | 2 min read

Monica Eaton on IBS Intelligence Podcast

Chargebacks911® COO Urges Mentorship to Improve Gender Diversity Male-Dominated Fintech

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton sat down with the financial experts at IBS Intelligence for a recent podcast about how mentoring can improve gender disparity in the fintech industry.

Established in 1991, UK-headquartered IBS Intelligence (IBSi) is the world’s only pure-play fintech research, advisory, and media firm with global coverage. For over 30 years, IBSi’s expert teams have delivered independent, in-depth, actionable insights, with a laser focus on everything fintech, to the global banking, consulting, technology, and institutional investor world.

Monica touched on how mentorship can help businesses recruit the very best talent and vastly improve a company’s overall profile. “Talent tends to follow opportunity and inclusion, and businesses that take this ethic seriously tend to stand out,” she said.

Monica was shocked by the stark gender disparity within the fintech industry, a space in which women currently make up just 7% of start-up founders. In response, she launched a new micro-mentorship programme called LIFT: Elevating Women in Fintech to empower female leadership across the thriving payments environment. LIFT was founded to provide a support center for women in finance, technology, and payments, and empowers mentees to decide how and when they need extra support.

On the topic of gender disparity among startup founders, Monica has expressed a positive outlook for the future. “I believe this is important work because, not only will it benefit my own company, it will also pay dividends for the fintech space as a whole,” she says. “I encourage anyone with skills or experience to share; to offer their insights to help build up the next generation. Offering a hand up is the best way to ensure a dynamic, innovative future for the tech space.”

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