Monica Eaton-Cardone Named a “Game-Changing Women Leader” of 2021!

Monica Eaton-Cardone Named a “Game-Changing Women Leader” of 2021!

Chargebacks911® COO Selected as One of 10 Trailblazing Figures of the Year

Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone has been selected by The Mirror Review as one of the 10 Game-Changing Women Leaders of 2021!

The Mirror Review promotes the achievements and disruptive moves made by innovative entrepreneurs and their companies. The publication hopes to not only enlighten readers but also inspire them to find their own success story.

Back in 2019, The Mirror Review listed Chargebacks911 among their list of the 20 Innovative Companies to Watch for. Now, they’ve shined a spotlight on our COO and Co-Founder, who grew Chargebacks911 from a sole consultancy launched ten years ago to an innovative, global fintech company employing hundreds of people around the world.

“When [Monica] founded Chargebacks911 in 2011, it was the first specialized chargeback management service on the market,” they explain. “There were some providers that helped merchants by providing alert services, however, no one was addressing the issue head-on. Chargebacks911 created a strategy for a fully-managed chargeback solution aimed at fighting illegitimate disputes and preventing future chargebacks.”

The folks at The Mirror Review published a brief interview with Monica in recognition of this honor. Click here to read the full feature and learn more about Monica’s entrepreneurial journey and leadership philosophy.