Monica Eaton Interviewed by WeAreTechWomen

December 28, 2021 | 2 min read

Monica Eaton Interviewed by WeAreTechWomen

Chargebacks911® COO Opens Up About Her Background, Insights, & Other Inspiring Information

WeAreTechWomen recently sat down with Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton for a one-on-one feature. Monica’s tireless work in the payments industry, helping business achieve independence from chargebacks and other woes, has earned her the respect and recognition she deserves as a leader in tech.

WeAreTechWomen is a resource center managed by WeAreTheCity, an information portal for professional women. They assist women in tech, as well as in other industries, to help each other out with advice, tips, and ideas. They also offer a platform to share jobs and other networking opportunities.

Eaton discusses her background and the experiences that propelled her into a leadership role in the payments industry. As a woman in the male-domniated field of tech, Cardone has faced down many challenges and leapt many hurdles to achieve success. In this interview, she shares what she considers a major factor in her success:

“I have always found engagement to be the key to success. You have to throw yourself into the work and really let it become your obsession. You can start a new project and say that you’ll push yourself, that you’ll do it for the money, or that you’ll treat yourself to a vacation after it’s over. It will still be a struggle, though, if you don’t really believe in the project. Creating success is the best inspiration for motivation.”

As Monica explains, using her platform to encourage other women to reach their full potential is one of her life's greatest ambitions.

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