Monica Eaton Interviewed by Fintech Magazine

December 14, 2021 | 2 min read

Monica Eaton Interviewed by Fintech Magazine

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton Interviewed as Part of the Women in Fintech Series

Monica Eaton is one of the world's leading experts in the payments and fintech space. As part of their Women in Fintech series, Fintech Magazine invited Monica to share her insights about the future of digital payments and spending.

Fintech Magazine is the ‘digital community’ for the financial technology space. They focuse on fintech news, key fintech interviews, fintech videos, the 'Fintech Podcast' series along with an ever-expanding range of focused fintech white papers and webinars.

The fintech space is incredibly dynamic and fast-moving. As Monica explains, automation is transforming payments faster than most of us even realize. "Across the payments ecosystem, time is money – and developing systems and processes that can automate labour-intensive processes like dispute management provide demonstrable strategic benefits that can save merchants, payment service providers and acquirers millions," she says.

New technologies are arriving every day, transforming what we believed to be the default mode of conducting payments.

"Two of the latest technological breakthroughs that are powering the automation revolution are artificial intelligence and machine learning. The ability to develop systems that can automatically recognise and resolve complex processes such as dispute management without requiring input from merchants allows for businesses of any size to tackle friendly fraud attacks; something that can be crucial to surviving in today’s tough, post-Covid economic climate."

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