Monica Eaton-Cardone Featured on Disruptor Daily

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Chargebacks911® COO Says 2018 Was “Difficult” for Blockchain Tech

Monica, one of the industry’s leading payments experts, offered her keen insight on the future of blockchain technology for a recent feature on Disruptor Daily.

Disruptor Daily describes themselves as “the world’s largest disruptive platform.” They help executives, entrepreneurs, and working professionals build personal brands and become experts. Disruptor Daily is a great resource for future thought leaders, offering invaluable research, insights, and other training materials.

The site consults with many of the same experts working today to shape the market tomorrow. For this piece, author Sam Mire asked Monica and six of her fellow payments industry experts to discuss the current state of blockchain technology in eCommerce, and share where they believe it’s headed.

“2018 was difficult for blockchain technology,” Monica commented. Platform adoption was weighed down by the collapse of cryptocurrency prices due to the close association they have.”

2018 was a bit of a letdown for blockchain enthusiasts compared to massive growth the previous year. That said, it’s only a minor setback in the process of moving ever-closer toward more advanced payments tech. As Monica says, “Once we have more products hit the market that provide true proofs of concept, adoption will accelerate rapidly.”