Monica Eaton-Cardone Discusses Top Payment Trends of 2019

Chargebacks911® COO Participates in Expert Panel for Disruptor Daily

Chargebacks911 Co-Founder and COO Monica Eaton-Cardone, one of the world’s leading experts on payments and fintech, recently weighed-in on the future of the industry for Disruptor Daily. Along with 15 of her fellow thought leaders, Monica helped illuminate current trends and forecast new developments.

Disruptor Daily is a leading resource for news and information about blockchain technology. The site looks to experts in diverse tech fields including banking, logistics, retail, and more, to offer insights about where blockchain technology will be most disruptive.

Unless you’re already active in the space, payments technology isn’t something the average person thinks about too often. However, it can have a profound impact on the market and affect billions of dollars in transactions every year. Thus, it’s important to understand how the industry changes…and where it’s headed.

The experts each spoke to different trends and topics in payments. They touched on everything from corporate consolidation and cryptocurrency to BOPUS (buy now, pick up in-store) and real-time payments. For her part, Monica suggested that, while projects like Facebook’s Libra open up new opportunities for blockchain payments, widespread adoption is still a couple of year out.

We can see there have been significant moves to optimize practices in other areas that are already producing results,” Monica says. “Take chargeback regulations, for example. The ongoing Mastercard Dispute Resolution initiative, combined with the recent introduction of Visa Dispute Resolution, aims to dramatically cut down on the average time spent on disputes.”