Meet Monica Eaton, Founder of Dispute Management Tech Platform: Chargebacks911®Chargebacks911 CEO Interviewed by TechRound

October 4, 2023 | 2 min read


As the founder of one of the world’s leading technology platform providers for end-to-end chargeback and dispute management, Monica Eaton has a fascinating professional story, which she was asked to share with the folks at TechRound.

TechRound represents “the voice of UK startups.” They are the UK's fastest-growing platform for startups, UK and international businesses, entrepreneurs and tech businesses, as well as anyone seeking to gain exposure to the UK startup market. They offer articles, insights, interviews, and how-to-guides for startups and business.

As Monica explains, her journey has been one that she’s charted for herself. “Overall, one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned, regardless of being a woman in fintech, was choosing to listen to myself and my own experience over self-professed ‘experts,’ who said it was better not to react and to consider chargebacks a cost of doing business,” she said.

Monica agrees that there are obstacles for women in fintech. However, they’re not necessarily the institutional challenges that most would immediately assume.

“I believe that one of the main obstacles is a lack of female role models within our industry,” she says. “Women who manage to find success in fintech should take it upon themselves to lend a hand to inspire and uplift younger women who wish to walk a similar path. What would help would be for every woman who breaks through the glass ceiling to provide mentorship and build networks among women working in tech.”

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