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After years of frustration and lost revenue by using automated chargeback services, Affiliate Marketing & Internet Sales finally made the decision to tackle tedious chargebacks ourselves! Affiliate Marketing & Internet Sales, in business now for two decades, formerly specialized in health and wellness products and lost (tens of thousands?) of dollars by letting well known, automated chargeback services, handle the chargeback process for our business. Now we focus on merchant services.

The chargeback issue is the Achilles heel to many, causing irreparable damage to businesses. The fact is, most merchants are not setup to proactively handle the issue of chargebacks, and become very frustrated with the loss of revenue and energy associated with handling this very time consuming and expensive issue. Many merchants run this activity on a coping basis, responding only when they are able to and never really getting ahead of the curve.

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After using virtually every avenue available, we reached the conclusion that there was simply not a service available with the merchant's perspective in mind and as a result we ended up creating our own. We eventually devised a system that easily allowed us to manage our responses with consistency, as well as help prevent chargebacks that were quickly approaching the dispute phase. In 2012, we decided to release our system as “Chargebacks911®” and offer it to select merchants.

Chargebacks911 was developed out of absolute necessity after many years as a merchant struggling to find a solution to chargeback issues. We needed a fast and reliable solution that not only helped recoup the loss of funds as a result of increasing chargebacks, but also helped us curb future chargebacks so it didn't affect our processing abilities.

“eConsumer Services®” was developed to help avoid this lengthy and often frustrating process (for both customers and merchants) by providing a simple three step system to file dispute requests and quickly initiate a refund. We provide a unique exception to standard dispute processing for dissatisfied consumers who wish to remedy transactional disputes without the requirement of additional intermediaries or lengthy correspondence requirements.

Immediate resolution is achieved between the cardholder, their respective credit or debit card institution, and the related internet merchant who is a contracted member of our service facility. We specialize in servicing eCommerce merchants and their consumers. Our services additionally extend to include the majority of banking institutions.

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