Explaining Visa Reason Code 10.1: Counterfeit Fraud

The term "counterfeit fraud" refers to specific chargeback situations defined by Visa Reason Code 10.1. To be labeled with reason code 10.1, multiple conditions must be met:

Visa reason code 10.1 was designed to replace Code 62/Counterfeit Transaction.

Similar to American Express, Mastercard, and Visa, Discover has its own group of chargeback reason codes. Whereas the Discover chargeback programs are similar to the other three card networks, Discover’s reason codes are unique.

Distinctive Traits of Discover Chargebacks

Merchants need to understand what makes Discover chargebacks so different from other card network transactional disputes.

Chargeback Reason Code 85: Credit Not Processed

While a significant portion of chargebacks are filed illegitimately by friendly fraudsters, the blame for transaction disputes doesn’t always lie elsewhere. There are several chargebacks that result from merchant error,

When the Cardholder Claims Products or Services are Not as Described

Chargebacks are disputes filed by cardholders or issuing banks when there is a discrepancy with a credit card transaction. Each chargeback is assigned a reason code,

How Copy Requests and Retrieval Requests Impact Chargebacks

Chargeback terminology is often confusing, especially when the nomenclature differs from one network to another. Copy requests and retrieval requests are two such examples.

What are Copy Requests and Retrieval Requests?

American Express Reason Codes Explained

Like MasterCard and Visa, American Express has its own set of chargeback reason codes. While the American Express chargeback programs are similar to those of the other card networks,

Revised MasterCard Reason Codes Took Effect May 2016

Each chargeback is accompanied by a reason code, assigned by the issuer, which explains the supposed motivation for the dispute. Card networks have their own unique list of reason codes,

Chargeback Reason Code 86: Paid by Other Means

Mistakes and misunderstandings happen all the time--in all areas of our lives--and there are usually consequences. Business is no exception: When it comes to credit card payments,

What are Visa Chargeback Reason Codes?

Unfortunately for merchants, there is a lot of confusing terminology, regulations, and procedures involved in the act of processing chargebacks. In theory, chargeback reason codes provide a cut-and-dried explanation as to why the cardholder disputed the transaction.

Reason Code 75: Transaction Not Recognized

**NOTE: As of April 13, 2018, Visa has officially retired chargeback reason code 75. The post below contains legacy information pertaining to the formerly-common Visa chargeback reason code 75.