Can Delivery Confirmation Help Prevent or Dispute Chargebacks?

Can consistent use of delivery confirmation save merchants from chargebacks? Research shows that delivery confirmation can be an effective part of a multi-tiered chargeback prevention and representment strategy.

Developing a Plan to Adapt to Payments Disruption

New technologies are reshaping eCommerce. From mobile wallets and in-app purchases to blockchain and cryptocurrency, the desire for faster, easier, and more secure interactions is disrupting the payments industry,

6 Tips for Banning Known Fraudsters

Chargeback fraud is never fun. There is one hidden perk, however, even if it is pretty insignificant: once you know individuals have engaged in fraudulent activities you can prevent them from victimizing you again in the future.

Why a Business Might Be Labelled ‘High Risk’ – and What That Means for The Bottom Line

There are various reasons why a processor might label a merchant as ‘high risk.’ Some characteristics that identify high risk businesses are superficial factors based on the business’s industry or clientele,

Understanding the Mechanics of Internet Processing and eCommerce Transactions

Merchants interested in establishing an online store must understand the mechanics of internet processing for credit card transactions. The unique characteristics and risks must be carefully considered.

Using Delivery Confirmation to Prevent and Dispute Chargebacks

There are various tools and services merchants can use to manage chargebacks. Delivery confirmation is a commonly debated prevention and representment strategy. Is it a good idea or not?

Why Merchant Bank Statements May Show Surprise Withdrawals

Chargebacks are a bothersome financial burden for all merchants. However, when merchants receive chargebacks without notification, the business suffers unfairly at the hands of friendly fraudsters.

The Reasoning Behind Product Returns and Returned Merchandise

The difference between a good merchant and a great entrepreneurial success story is an intricate understanding of consumer behavior. One concept merchants must meticulously analyze is the thought process behind product returns.

Evaluating the Risks and Rewards of Mobile Payments

Emerging technology can have either a dramatic or subtle effect on the business world. Consider alternative payment options, for example: some have caught on quickly while others go largely unaccepted.

When the Cardholder Claims Products or Services are Not as Described

Chargebacks are disputes filed by cardholders or issuing banks when there is a discrepancy with a credit card transaction. Each chargeback is assigned a reason code,