Quick Fix Options for Customer Service

Note: Another article on the Chargebacks911 blog lists several examples as customer service case studies in order to demonstrate the value of effective eCommerce customer service. Please check it out as well for examples of effective and ineffective customer service in action.

Best Indicators of Fraud for Card-Not-Present Transactions

Credit card fraud is a threat to all card-not-present merchants. Fraudsters use stolen credit card information and complicated technology to scam merchants out of both products and profits.

Chargebacks after Receiving an Authorization Approval Code

If you aren't familiar with the function of authorization approval codes, the name might give you a false sense of security. Let’s take a look at what authorization codes are and how they affect your chargeback prevention tactics.

When Consumers File Credit Not Processed Chargebacks

Chargebacks are essentially forced credit card refunds, and consumers can use them for reimbursement if complications arise with the traditional refund process.
Credit not processed chargebacks can be used if the merchant’s refund process doesn’t adequately address the consumer’s needs.

In 2012, Visa processed $2.07 trillion in credit card transactions in the United States in a 12 month period. Out of those transactions, cardholders disputed $765.9 million of those transactions (1). A legitimate dispute, known as a chargeback,