What are Visa Chargeback Reason Codes?

Unfortunately for merchants, there is a lot of confusing terminology, regulations, and procedures involved in the act of processing chargebacks. In theory, chargeback reason codes provide a cut-and-dried explanation as to why the cardholder disputed the transaction.

Reason Code 75: Transaction Not Recognized

**NOTE: As of April 13, 2018, Visa has officially retired chargeback reason code 75. The post below contains legacy information pertaining to the formerly-common Visa chargeback reason code 75.

MasterCard SecureCode Doesn’t Offer the Protection You’d Expect

MasterCard claims its SecureCode helps prevent chargebacks. If a transaction is properly authenticated, does MasterCard automatically decline the cardholder’s chargeback request?

What is MasterCard SecureCode?

Will Using 3D Secure Help Prevent Chargebacks?

The major credit card networks offer an automated fraud detection tool, known collectively as 3D Secure. Each brand has its own protection program:

Mastercard SecureCode
Verified by Visa
American Express SafeKey

3D Secure can help reduce the risk of chargebacks,

Basic Chargeback Prevention Techniques for eCommerce Stores

Chargeback management is a complex task. If you don’t put enough effort into preventing profit losses, you’ll never be able to stay afloat.
Chargeback prevention serves two purposes.

Best Indicators of Fraud for Card-Not-Present Transactions

Credit card fraud is a threat to all card-not-present merchants. Fraudsters use stolen credit card information and complicated technology to scam merchants out of both products and profits.

Chargebacks after Receiving an Authorization Approval Code

If you aren't familiar with the function of authorization approval codes, the name might give you a false sense of security. Let’s take a look at what authorization codes are and how they affect your chargeback prevention tactics.

When Consumers File Credit Not Processed Chargebacks

Chargebacks are essentially forced credit card refunds, and consumers can use them for reimbursement if complications arise with the traditional refund process.
Credit not processed chargebacks can be used if the merchant’s refund process doesn’t adequately address the consumer’s needs.

Understanding American Express Chargebacks

Consumers might use their various credit cards interchangeably, but for a merchant, there is a difference between an American Express chargeback and a chargeback from one of the card associations.

Place a Fraud Alert with a Code 10 Authorization Request

Thanks to emerging technologies and increased eCommerce popularity, there are always significant risks of fraud for card-not-present merchants. While card-present purchases tend to be safer,