Chargeback Fees Can Seriously Jeopardize a Business’s Longevity—But the Threat Can Be Averted

Credit card chargebacks represent a real and growing financial threat to merchants, costing them both merchandise and revenue. To make matters worse,

Creating a Comprehensive Chargeback Prevention Strategy

Creating an effective chargeback prevention strategy demands the strategic use of various tools to create comprehensive protection.
Is the Visa Account Updater (VAU) a beneficial tool for your business?

What Merchants Need to Know About Offering Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases

Providing cash back for debit card transactions is a popular customer service option for brick-and-mortar merchants.
For those interested in offering this service,

MCCs are Important for Taxes and Recordkeeping—as well as Chargeback Management

MCC codes impact everything from managing chargebacks to deciding which expenses need to be reported to the IRS. They can even regulate rewards programs on certain consumer credit cards.

Handling Chargebacks Isn’t So Bad When You Break It Down Into Four Manageable Steps

Just received another chargeback? Can’t stand to lose one more dispute? Tired of flushing revenue down the drain?
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to start handling chargebacks effectively.

The Timing of Deposits for Credit Card Sales Could Help Detect Risk

When a consumer makes a purchase, funds do not instantly appear in the merchant’s account. The lifecycle of a credit card purchase includes a delay period between the initial transaction authorization and the funds’ arrival.

Understanding the Mechanics of Internet Processing and eCommerce Transactions

Merchants interested in establishing an online store must understand the mechanics of internet processing for credit card transactions. The unique characteristics and risks must be carefully considered.

The Best Management Strategies to Avoid Transaction Disputes

While it may be impossible to completely avoid transaction disputes, it is in a business’s best interest to try avoiding chargebacks whenever possible.

What Happens to Businesses Who Don’t Avoid Chargebacks?

What is Direct Response Advertising and How Does It Affect Chargeback Rates?

Any company in the business of selling products or services should also be in the business of marketing. Marketing, the act of promoting a product or service to potential customers,

In 2012, Visa processed $2.07 trillion in credit card transactions in the United States in a 12 month period. Out of those transactions, cardholders disputed $765.9 million of those transactions (1). A legitimate dispute, known as a chargeback,