Is it Possible to Begin the Collection Process Before Representment?

When customers can’t or won’t pay their bills, it’s a direct hit to the merchant’s bottom line. Chargebacks and revenue loss can make the merchant’s financial situation even more dire.

MCCs are Important for Taxes and Recordkeeping—as well as Chargeback Management

MCC codes impact everything from managing chargebacks to deciding which expenses need to be reported to the IRS. They can even regulate rewards programs on certain consumer credit cards.

The Vulnerabilities of Phone-Based Card Readers and DIY Representment

Over the last five years, Square and PayPal became major players in the realm of card-present transactions. Both services boast several million merchants taking advantage of their portable card readers,


What Happens If You Are Labeled a High Risk Merchant?

As an online merchant, the ability to process credit transactions is vital to the survival of your business. In order to process those transactions though,

Can Cardholders File Chargebacks for Credit Card Deposits?

Credit card networks have created elaborate chargeback regulations that are specifically designed to protect the rights of all parties involved in processing credit card transactions. Unfortunately,


Cardholders’ Options For Chargeback Amounts and Merchants’ Options For Representment Amounts

Chargeback and representment amounts don’t necessarily need to be for the full transaction amount. How do cardholders and merchants determine the correct amount and validate their claim?


How American Express Defines High Risk Merchants and Enforces Chargeback Programs

Like any other business, American Express is interested in managing risk and optimizing profitability. To that end, the financial institution must carefully monitor threats and make changes when necessary.

Who is Involved in the Chargeback Process?

The chargeback process is complex; it involves several different people and institutions. Once you master the basics, however, it isn’t too difficult to understand how a dispute progresses from one entity to another.

Refund Policy Requirements for Returned Merchandise

If it is easier for the cardholder to file a chargeback than secure a refund, the merchant is asking for trouble. Learn how a business’s return policy can influence the risk of chargebacks.

Why Did I Get a Late Presentment Chargeback?

Chargebacks can be filed against merchants for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, a common cause of chargebacks is merchant error. The late presentment chargeback is a perfect example.

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