Top Tips for Creating an Effective Chargeback Policy

When it comes to managing chargebacks, a merchant’s actions should be predictable and consistent—assuming a detailed and effective chargeback policy is in place.

What is a Chargeback Policy?

Is it Possible to Begin the Collection Process Before Representment?

When customers can’t or won’t pay their bills, it’s a direct hit to the merchant’s bottom line. Chargebacks and revenue loss can make the merchant’s financial situation even more dire.

Creating a Comprehensive Chargeback Prevention Strategy

Creating an effective chargeback prevention strategy demands the strategic use of various tools to create comprehensive protection.
Is the Visa Account Updater (VAU) a beneficial tool for your business?

How Chargebacks Impact the Customer Experience

How does a merchant’s chargeback management strategy effect the quality of customer relationships? Do disputes and prevention efforts impact customer satisfaction, trust and commitment?
Can merchants protect their bottom line and their reputation?

What Merchants Need to Know About Offering Cash Back on Debit Card Purchases

Providing cash back for debit card transactions is a popular customer service option for brick-and-mortar merchants.
For those interested in offering this service,

The Timing of Deposits for Credit Card Sales Could Help Detect Risk

When a consumer makes a purchase, funds do not instantly appear in the merchant’s account. The lifecycle of a credit card purchase includes a delay period between the initial transaction authorization and the funds’ arrival.

Understanding the Mechanics of Internet Processing and eCommerce Transactions

Merchants interested in establishing an online store must understand the mechanics of internet processing for credit card transactions. The unique characteristics and risks must be carefully considered.

Successfully Manage Recurring Transactions and Minimize Risk

Both merchants and consumers benefit from recurring payment plans. Recurring transactions make products more affordable for the consumer. Merchants enjoy the predictable cash flow and payment timeliness.

What is Direct Response Advertising and How Does It Affect Chargeback Rates?

Any company in the business of selling products or services should also be in the business of marketing. Marketing, the act of promoting a product or service to potential customers,

In 2012, Visa processed $2.07 trillion in credit card transactions in the United States in a 12 month period. Out of those transactions, cardholders disputed $765.9 million of those transactions (1). A legitimate dispute, known as a chargeback,