“Issuer Declines”: The Impact of SCA on Payments Users

New Research & Whitepaper Produced by Chargebacks911® & The Emerging Payments Association

We at Chargebacks911 are proud to introduce our new study, “Issuer Declines”: The Impact of SCA on Payments Users, a comprehensive survey of the payments landscape in a post-SCA environment.

The Revised Payment Services Directive—or PSD2—adopted by the European Union is shaking up the payments space. On one hand, PSD2 opens the payments industry to new third-party payments service providers. On the other, the law mandates much stricter authentication for online transactions.

SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) practices add friction at key points in the checkout process. Without the right approach, merchants could see their rejection rates skyrocket overnight.

Our new study, produced in collaboration with one of the leading payments industry organizations in the European market, examines the details behind this new legislation. With “Issuer Declines”: The Impact of SCA on Payments Users, you can learn:

  • What SCA entails.
  • What portion of transactions are at risk of issuer declines.
  • The strategies and processes necessary to prevent avoidable declines.

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