Is Bad Affiliate Traffic Costing You Money?

Chargebacks911® Specialist Melissa Fitzsimmons Offers Insight in New Feature for Feedfront

With performance marketing, the goal is to pull in as much traffic as possible. But, as Chargebacks911 Business Development Specialist Melissa Fitzsimmons explains in her new feature for Feedfront magazine, not all traffic is created equal.

FeedFront is one of the world’s leading publications focused on the affiliate marketing industry. Their quarterly digital magazine brings ideas, resources, and opinions from digital marketing innovators to offer incredible insight for professionals in the performance marketing space. Feedfront is published and distributed to subscribers for free with the support of Affiliate Summit.

In the post, Melissa notes the importance of distinguishing “quantity” and “quality” in terms of online traffic. Otherwise, you could see your campaign fail, and suffer significant revenue loss as a result.

“A bad actor posing as a legitimate affiliate may use deceitful advertising, or even engage in outright fraud,” Melissa explains. “The fraudster might use tactics like cookie stuffing or write scripts to spoof traffic figures, or even resort to using stolen cardholder data to complete fraudulent transactions. The goal is to claim unearned commissions, regardless of the consequences for you. It’s an all-too-common practice that threatens to undermine the effectiveness of affiliate programs writ large.”

Melissa suggests it’s possible to prevent fraud and protect your marketing campaign. However, this will require extensive research and vetting before you invest in an affiliate program.