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Applying World-Renowned Expertise to a Dynamic Problem

An inability to maintain chargeback compliance means your business incurs additional costs and unnecessary revenue loss. Financial institutions report chargeback-related expenses have increased 21% in the last year and will double in 2017.

Fortunately, Chargebacks911™ can help.

Chargebacks911 is known as a global leader for chargeback management, helping merchants achieve unparalleled results. Now, we’re combining our in-depth understanding of card scheme regulations and processes with world-renowned industry decision-makers to provide unprecedented services for financial institutions.

We’ll help you assess current policies and procedures to identify oversight, errors, and unrealized opportunities to provide an immediate improvement to your bottom line.

Creating Workable Solutions for More than 145 Years

Anyone can follow the rule book, but the most valuable chargeback management skills can’t be taught—they are learned through real-world involvement.

That’s why Chargebacks911’s banking solutions are led by industry icon, Tracy Cray. With recognized excellence in global chargeback management, compliance, and consumer law, Cray has amassed a team of experts with more than 145 years of experience in the payments industry.

As a Platinum Award Winner for Chargebacks and chair of the European Experts Chargeback Group, the Eastern European Chargeback Members Forum, and Scheme Members Forum, Cray brings an incomparable level of insight to Chargebacks911’s new banking solutions.

Contact Chargebacks911 today to learn more about the unique services that will revolutionize your chargeback processes, reduce costs, and mitigate non-compliance risks.

“…has provided invaluable input to industry debates, being able to call upon extensive card industry experience and taking into account other fora in which she participates.”

“Tracy Cray has effectively chaired our Operations Expert Working Group, maintaining an impartial role to ensure that issues are properly debated to reduce consumer detriment when arriving at any agreed cards industry policy position.”
– Executive, The UK Cards Association

What Does Chargebacks911 Offer?

Chargebacks911 provides the needed card scheme expertise and objectivity regarding dynamic processes to identify hidden issues that would otherwise result in unmitigated liabilities.

  • Reduce staffing levels and operating expenses
  • Improve the timeliness and efficiency of resolving chargebacks and representments
  • Reduce costs specifically related to chargeback processing
  • Enable access to pertinent data and management information
  • Improve compliance intelligence
  • Obtain data-driven intelligence for fraud learning and decisioning engines
  • Enhance staff knowledge and engagement
  • Reduce call handling time

Take the Guesswork Out of Chargeback Management

Finally…chargeback compliance clarity! Find out how easy it is to achieve sustainable results.


SOS Workshops

Personalized Consulting

Front-line staff deal with customer relationships on a daily basis. Therefore, they are perfectly positioned to identify problems that can prevent your business from delivering the world-class service that both you and your customers expect.

SOS Workshops train ground-level staff to identify the root cause of operational and processing challenges. Then, staff will devise solutions that produce a higher level of customer service and reduce operating costs. SOS Workshop outcomes are presented to the business for approval before implementation.

These workshops have proven to engage and motivate staff and create a culture of continuous improvement within organizations.

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SWOT Analysis

Results-Orientated Strategies

A team of specialized chargeback experts will map out your end-to-end process for the chargeback cycle, encompassing in-depth analysis of your operating structure, headcount, training, cycle times, reporting tools, and more. Then, we’ll propose recommendations to mitigate risk and improve performance.

We will challenge assumptions and current working practices to provide impartial and influential advice, creating innovative solutions to streamline your chargeback process, reduce operating costs, and limit unnecessary write-offs.

We will advise on unforeseen threats and eventualities to ensure you have a contingency process in place to address any situation that may arise.

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Optimize Operations. Retain Revenue. Gain the Competitive Edge.

Don’t let inefficiencies rob your business of valuable revenue. Take action today. Let Chargebacks911 show you how to streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve the bottom line.

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