Software Engineer – React

Clearwater, FL 33759
Salary: $0.00 /year

Job Description


A React software engineer with years of experience. Able to build a React SPA from scratch with React, AWS Apis, GraphQL, and third party component libraries in typescript. Experienced with delivering stories from acceptance criteria through TDD to QA, with stakeholder's feedback along the way.

You have:

- 3+ years of React experience, and use React Hooks

- GraphQL expertise (we are building with the AWS Amplify stack)

- Typescript & ES8 expertise

- A github profile with multiple react repos

- This isn't your second React engineering position

Our Company:

Chargebacks911 is a fast growing financial technology company offering the industry’s most advanced solutions for managing and mitigating payments fraud and risk. Based in Tampa Bay, FL, we employ more than 400 specialists globally who combine human intelligence and investigation with sophisticated data analytics and machine learning technology. We've had tremendous success while putting a big emphasis on culture!

The Role:

We need someone who can help us architect, develop, and deliver our next generation of platform offerings. These will be digital payments and e-commerce solutions involving integrations with multinational retailers, card schemes, and processors! BS in Computer Science or related field OR 5+ years of documented employed experience

What we do regularly

We use React Hooks and Typescript hourly

We use the JAMstack in AWS daily

We develop the backend with Service Oriented Architecture

We use CI/CD daily

We create PRs early and often in Github, and use it daily
We create Linux bash commands and scripts weekly

We regularly interact with other engineering teams (12 teams) and stakeholders daily

We have thousands of clients and 500+ databases, that we deploy to weekly

What You Get:

Top pay commensurate with your experience and value added to the team
401-K, health insurance, dental ect.
Bonus opportunities for top performers
Generous vacation time

We are growing! This means you have opportunities to grow with the company. The sky is the limit!

We are a dynamic and fast paced work environment where we value diversity, thinking differently and sharing your ideas

Chargebacks911 is a fun place to work! We do Tough Mudder and other team events, have massage therapists that come in and massage you or on a random Friday you might enjoy a food truck in the parking lot just for employees! We like to be the best at what we do and have fun while we’re at it!

We have grown so much that we are busting at the seams! We have a new office under construction that will be very open and modern in design and lend to creativity and collaboration

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