Operations Analyst

Clearwater, FL

Fast growing Fintech company based in Clearwater Florida is looking for skilled operations analysist to join the team! No financial services experience required!

No financial services or technology experience required in fact.. we love finding diamonds in all different types of industries! Maybe you are a retail manager, restaurant manager or someone working in a back office and you’re underutilized and have a lot more to contribute? Apply with us.

The ideal candidate will have great written and verbal communication skills, a high level of proficiency in Microsoft office suite and a strong aptitude for learning new concepts as well as the skills listed below

A successful operations analysts will…

  • Have a great attitude and be well liked by their peers and our clients
  • Be adaptable to change and willingness to take on new and different roles as needed
  • Be highly teachable, smart and quick learner
  • Have a leadership mentality even though they may not be in a leadership position at the time
  • High aptitude for problem solving and a desire to deal with problems head on without “passing the buck”
  • Operations analyst may be on a team completing tasks, working in customer service, managing accounts or in many other capacities around the office. The right candidate will be versatile in their skill set
  • Ability to work smart and fast juggling several projects at once
  • Ability to work closely with executive team and take on and quickly solve problems as directed

What you will get in return..

  • Strong starting pay commensurate with experience and competency
  • We are a meritocracy which means that your ability to earn future raises, bonuses, promotions etc. is all up to you and will be linked directly to your performance and value added to the team
  • We are growing super-fast! The sky is the limit for smart self-starters
  • We are a financial technology firm which means we have a fun work environment which lends itself to creativity and working hard but still having fun! We have massage therapists massage the team, bring in food trucks, kick ball teams, tough mudder competition and many other such fun workplace type activities!
  • Full benefits package to include health, dental, vision, 401k, paid vacations and holidays

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