Sustainable Growth by Balancing Cost of Acquisition & Customer LTV

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone Pens New Guest Feature for CEOWORLD

We’ve heard much over the last several years about an ongoing collapse of the retail sector. But, while brick-and-mortar sales struggle, eCommerce continues to boom. That’s not to say online retail is without its own challenges, though.

In her latest guest feature for CEOWORLD Magazine, Monica suggests that a vital part of leveraging opportunities in eCommerce is to balance cost and benefit, in the form of customer lifetime value.

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As Monica explains in the post, customer lifetime value, or LTV, is “the total value of all revenue you can expect to generate from an individual customer over that person’s entire lifetime.” Many merchants make the mistake of overestimating their LTV and, as a result, end up spending far too much to capture and retain buyers.

“Operating without insight on how much you can expect to make from a single customer is like flying blind. You have no idea what’s reasonable to spend relative to what you can expect to make. It’s a vitally important indicator that no merchant should ever overlook.”