How to Snooze Your Browser TabsMonica Eaton of Chargebacks911® Shares Security Tips With Reader's Digest

February 14, 2023 | 1 min read

How to Snooze Your Browser Tabs

Chargebacks911 Found Monica Eaton was asked to share her insights on cybersecurity best practices for consumers as part of a recent feature for Reader's Digest.

Reader’s Digest is America’s fourth-largest magazine by circulation. After nearly a century in publication, RD stands out more than ever in today’s cultural landscape due to the themes of optimism, faith, heroism, trust, humor, and wellness featured within their pages.

As part of the piece, Monica offered background information on a practice known as “tabnabbing.” This scam allows fraudsters to prey on users’ unwatched, open tabs.

“While you’re not looking, a hacker will secretly redirect you from your original website to a fake, counterfeit website that they control,” Monica says. “Then, they’ll prompt you to login sensitive information, like your personal password or financial data.”

As explained in the piece, snoozing tabs can help keep users safe from tabnabbers. Not only that, it will help one’s device perform better. Other tabs will load faster, the device’s memory won’t be taxed as much, and the battery won’t drain as quickly.

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