How to Insulate Your Marketing Efforts Against Fraud & Chargebacks

Chargebacks911® Exec’s Latest Feature for The Next Scoop

In a new feature for The Next Scoop, Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone offers tips on how to protect your marketing budget against fraud and chargebacks.

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Every day, online businesses experience more and more fraud and abuse. Your marketing dollars might bring in more traffic…but it’s not worth the investment if you’re only attracting fraudsters. Plus, fraud may cost you more than you even realize.

As Monica explains, “Merchants lose more than $100 billion annually due to chargebacks when we account for the cost of false positives, margin compression, lost productivity, and other factors…According to the LexisNexis 2019 True Cost of FraudSM study, merchants lose a total of $3.13 for every dollar in direct fraud losses. So, while the chargeback situation looks troubling at first glance…the truth is it's even worse than it looks.”

In her piece, Monica offers the insight necessary to explain marketers’ troubles, as well as how to fight back and prevent bad actors from taking your hard-earned revenue. She explains how to “prevent all the chargebacks you can, then fight the rest.”