How IoT Can Transform Retail

How IoT Can Transform Retail

Chargebacks911® Executive Explores Retail Possibilities in New Feature

Monica Eaton-Cardone, Co-Founder and COO at Chargebacks911, says IoT (Internet of Things) technology can have a transformative effect on how we conduct retail. In her latest guest feature for, Monica explores how merchants can leverage the technology to their benefit.

“Improving the customer experience and reducing friction are great ways to foster a more personal, direct connection to your brand among customers,” Monica says. “IoT technologies making their way into the retail environment may be the greatest advance on that front since the birth of eCommerce.”

When new technologies hit the market, they can present both opportunities and liabilities for merchants. It’s true that IoT technology may present new avenues for fraudsters to carry out attacks. Plus, new technologies can be difficult to implement properly. “It can be daunting trying to step into the IoT space,” Monica explains, “and that fact keeps many businesses from embracing a lucrative transformation.”

But, merchants can leverage these tools to increase sales without opening themselves up to greater risk…if they do so wisely.

Monica proposes three key IoT opportunities for retailers—personalization, supply chain optimization, and voice-enabled commerce—and offers insight on how to make them a reality.