How Customer Expectations Contribute to Fraud and Losses

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Providing better, faster, and easier customer interactions is a great goal for eCommerce retailers. In many circumstances, though, convenience can produce unintended consequences, as Monica Eaton-Cardone explains in a new guest feature for E-Commerce Times.

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In the post, Monica lays out how the urge to make eCommerce more convenient created “a culture of instant gratification.” Unfortunately, while buying became easier, there was no emphasis on consumer education or responsibility. As a result, consumers often engage in unsafe behavior online, and merchants pick up the tab.

“Despite the risk, though, the expectation of ever-increasing convenience has led to a situation in which businesses and consumers alike prioritize convenience over due diligence,” Monica explains. “Fraudsters employ increasingly sophisticated tactics to abuse consumers, constantly adapting to stay ahead of fraud detection tools.”

Consumers need to be educated about proper security and chargeback best practices. However, despite how it seems, merchants are not powerless in the current situation.