How Better Data Can Limit Friendly FraudOur Innovative Solutions Were Spotlighted in a Raconteur Feature for The Times, a Long-Running Daily UK Newspaper

March 2, 2023 | 2 min read

The Times Raconteur

As the leading global solution provider for chargebacks, we were spotlighted in a recent feature for Raconteur, which is distributed via The Times.

Raconteur was founded in 2008 on the conviction that business leaders value quality content that is expertly produced and beautifully designed. Almost 15 years later, they remain convinced that professionals are searching for journalism that inspires and informs on new ways of doing business and new approaches to leadership. Raconteur is distributed online, as well as in print through The Times and The Sunday Times.

As noted in the piece, merchants are now at the height of the post-holiday “chargeback hangover.” This refers to the fact that chargebacks tend to be most common about 60 days after a transaction, and that as a result, merchants tend to see a surge in dispute activity about two months after the holidays.

A major source of the problem is the fact that chargebacks are an antiquated process. They were created for a pre-internet age, and haven't kept up with the changing times.

“Chargebacks were a mechanism for consumer protection that really developed in the 1970s,” Chargebacks911 Founder Monica Eaton says in the piece. “They make it very easy for consumers to ask for money back at the expense of merchants. This is an old idea for an old way of doing things.”

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