Hear From Monica in the October Issue of ‘Internet Retailer’ Magazine

Internet Retailer Magazine Feature

Chargebacks911® COO Offers Tips & Information to Protect Against Fraud

Is data more valuable than cash itself? For fraudsters, it may well be, says Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone in a recent feature for Internet Retailer.

Monica was invited to offer her expert insight in the areas of fraud and data security for the print edition of Internet Retailer magazine. In the feature, Monica explains how fraud activity has shifted online in recent years, and where they’re focusing their attention.

The High Cost of Digital Fraud

“Data is becoming more valuable than cash or credit cards,” Monica says. By going after cardholders’ funds directly, fraudsters can land a quick, but small score. With large-scale data breaches, though, criminals have the potential to make millions. And who ultimately pays the price for this widespread fraud activity? Merchants, of course.

Further in the piece, Monica offers additional insight on the problem of online fraud. She also touches on how merchants like you can protect yourself against the latest attacks using strategies like two-factor authentication and compliance.

“I’m always happy to offer some tips and other information on the problem of fraud,” Monica says. “Fraud already costs merchants billions of dollars each year and causes problems for banks and consumers as well. The more information we get out there, the better chance we have of reducing the impact of fraud on everyone.”