Harlan Hutson Tackles Travel Industry Chargebacks for Airline Information

Chargebacks911® Director’s New Interview With Leading Industry Publication

Harlan Hutson, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Brands at Chargebacks911, recently sat down with the experts at Airline Information. Through their discussion, Harlan gave an illuminating picture of the current state of chargebacks in the airline and travel payments as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Since 2005, Airline Information has hosted thousands of airline and travel professionals at the company’s groundbreaking conferences, forums, workshops, webinars and networking events. They are home to forward-thinking research on loyalty, ancillary merchandising, reward cards, payments, and fraud in the travel space.

Harlan spoke with Ai's Ritesh Gupta as part of a webinar series hosted by the outlet. Their enlightening conversation aimed to clarify chargebacks in the travel space, and offer some solutions for merchants.

“The best way to prevent a chargeback from happening in the first place is, first and foremost, to analyze your processes,” Harlan explains. “If you think about the customer experience…those processes can actually lead to chargebacks.”

Harlan said merchants need to learn to distinguish between preventable chargebacks and those that result from friendly fraud. Then, merchants can deploy tactical representment to deal with these threats.