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EPA announcement

Monica Eaton-Cardone Joins Leadership of UK’s Emerging Payments Association

On December 13, 2016, the UK-based Emerging Payments Association announced the appointment of Monica Eaton-Cardone, CIO of our parent company, Global Risk Technologies™™, to their advisory board.

Emerging Payments Association: A Global Leader in the Payments Industry

The Emerging Payments Association’s membership draws on the top business leaders, executives, and thought leaders throughout the global payments industry. The organization stages more than 45 events each year throughout Europe, offering extensive resources and support for all topics related to the payments industry. The EPA enjoys the official endorsement of the European regulatory community, as well as partnerships with MasterCard, Bancorp, Just Loans Group, SVS and many more.

The advisory board nomination process selected five additional board members, from 26 qualified candidates, to join the organization's existing leadership. Monica Eaton-Cardone and the other newly elected leaders will strengthen the association's global impact:

  • Anders la Cour, CEO at Saxo Payments
  • Myles Stephenson, CEO at Modulr
  • Anne Pieckielon, Director of Product & Strategy at Bacs
  • John Davies, CEO at The Just Loans Group

Joining an Extensive Roster of Expertise

The need for innovative, forward-thinking leadership is essential for efficiency and security in payments, an industry which Eaton-Cardone says is evolving at an unprecedented pace. As she explains:

“In the blink of an eye, we’ve evolved into a global economy, with consumers all over the world unified by the Internet. Only through innovation and collaboration will we be able to help consumers and merchants buy and sell their goods and services safely, quickly and free from fraud.”

For years, Eaton-Cardone has been sought out by the industry’s most prominent figures for guidance and expertise. Her unrelenting commitment to innovation and standardization has positioned her as an obvious leader for such a prestigious organization as the Emerging Payments Association.

At the helm of Europe’s first chargeback management company, Monica has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the vision of an integrated and collaborative future for eCommerce. This latest appointment to the EPA advisory board will help further Global Risk Technologies™’ goal of standardization, security, and fairness across the payments industry.

Tony Craddock, Director General of the Emerging Payments Association remarked, “We are delighted to have Monica Eaton-Cardone join our advisory board. Her limitless expertise in this area will help drive growth and shape the industry.”

In Monica’s own words, “I look forward to working with my colleagues in the industry to ensure the continued growth of eCommerce and the implementation of banking policies that protect fair trade.”

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