Getting Ready For Holiday Shoppers in the Shadow of COVID-19

Chargebacks911® COO’s New Guest Feature for Forbes

Monica Eaton-Cardone of Chargebacks911 is a regular contributor with Forbes, offering insight and expertise on all things related to eCommerce and the payments space. In her latest feature, Monica discusses how we can expect the coronavirus to impact the 2020 holiday season.

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“It's worth examining some of the data we have on holiday shopping patterns; specifically, what it says about the way retailers allocate resources and ensure their digital operations run as smoothly as possible,” Monica says. “If merchants put their focus in the wrong place, it could prove disastrous this holiday season.”

Digital options like click-and-collect and mobile ordering were already growing in popularity prior to the pandemic. Now, though, consumers are expected to do more of their shopping through remote channels than ever before.

Merchants need to tailor their response to this new reality. Otherwise, they may find themselves drastically unprepared for their coming season. As Monica explains, “the key is developing a thorough understanding of the customer journey across every channel and at every stage of the experience.”