Fraud Awards 2017

The Fraud Awards

Chargebacks911® Honored Once Again by Retail Risk

Chargebacks911 has been shortlisted in two categories for the Fraud Awards 2017, presented by Retail Risk. We’d like to thank the event organizers for their consideration for the second consecutive year.

2017 Vendor of the Year  Nominees

Judges selected Chargebacks911’s Tactical Chargeback Representment services as a finalist for the Most Innovative Online Solution award. Our ABA Stevie® Award-winning solution, Intelligent Source Detection®, claimed this honor in 2016. We’re very excited to be nominated in the same category once again with an entirely different product offering.

In addition, organizers also tapped Chargebacks911’s UK-based operations for the highly-prestigious Vendor of the Year title. Our contenders for this award represent some of the biggest names in retail security, including:

  • RGIS
  • Kount
  • The Ai Corporation
  • ORIS
  • Cardinal Security

Congratulations to our fellow nominees, and good luck!

Multilateral Fraud Protection

Of course, no one knows the value and innovation delivered by our products better than our clients!

Chargebacks911’s unparalleled expertise in risk mitigation and chargeback management enables us to continue introducing new and better products. As risk factors change and evolve, so will our technologies to deliver the greatest benefit possible for our clients:

  • Detect: Address potential chargeback triggers before they impact your bottom line.
  • Defend: Fight back against fraudulent chargebacks with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Optimize: Leverage technologies to deliver greater profits with lower costs.
Chargebacks911—The Gold Standard for Chargeback Mitigation.

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About the Fraud Awards

The Fraud Awards are one of the premier annual events for honoring security and risk management innovation in the retail industry. The event is organized by Retail Risk, “the world’s top conference series for loss prevention professionals,” to cap-off festivities at the Retail Risk—Leicester conference each September.

Final awards are decided by a panel of judges assembled from the world’s top fraud and loss prevention experts. This year’s judges represent a diverse collection of brands including Amazon, Adidas, Cotton On, and the Compass Group.

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