FIS Spotlights How to Manage Disputes With Chargebacks911®

New Feature From Leading Financial Services Provider Explores How to Manage Chargebacks

Chargebacks911, a global leader in chargeback management, was featured in a recent FIS Global Insights article, exploring how merchants can optimize their response through our innovative dispute platform.

FIS is a company working to advance the way the world pays, banks, and invests. They manage tens of billions of transactions each year, moving $9 trillion around the globe annually, all to help their clients run, grow, and achieve more for their business.

As pointed out in the post, a sharp increase in eCommerce transactions tied to the COVID-19 outbreak has not come without downsides. While consumers are buying more online, they’re also expected to file more chargebacks. This is especially a problem for the most high-risk sectors, where chargeback issuances are already spiking.

“According to Chargebacks911, chargeback volumes have increased by 23 percent with notable high-risk sectors, such as travel and airlines, reporting three to four-fold increases compared to 2019,” they cite in the post. “Despite additional investment and attention by the card associations to help remediate chargeback growth, the payments industry has continued to experience trends in excess of predicted expectations.”

It doesn’t have to be this way, of course. With effective chargeback management, merchants can reap the benefits of a growing eCommerce market, without suffering losses attributed to chargebacks and fraud.

“Leveraging our existing platform powered by Chargebacks911, merchants can access assistance without the requirement of technical resources or ongoing full-time employee support.”