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Fraud360 World Tour—New York

Chargebacks911 Fraud360 Tour - New YorkChargebacks911® and Kount will be in New York this September for the next stop on the globetrotting Fraud 360 World Tour.

As with previous events in the series, this half-day conference is free-to-attend, with a complimentary breakfast and lunch provided to guests. Fraud360—New York features an impressive lineup of expert-guided sessions:

Why Can't We Be Friends—Chargeback Fraud is Anything but Friendly: Nate Foss (Director of Market Development, Chargebacks911) explores chargeback sources, and how and why merchants must fight them. Plus, get an exclusive overview of upcoming chargeback policies.

What Fraudsters Are Up to & How to Stop Them: Don Bush (VP of Marketing, Kount) delves into the minds of criminals to reveal common fraud behaviors and how to prevent and fight back against attackers seeking to harm your business.

Kiss Lost Sales Goodbye, and Say ‘Hello’ to Increased Conversions: Roughly 3 out of 4 online carts are ultimately abandoned before checkout. Fortunately, Ralph Dangelmaier (CEO, BlueSnap) has some tips to help merchants boost conversion.

The Multi-Layered Identity Verification Ecosystem: As Sam Hartung (Risk Partnership Manager, WhitePages) explains, an increasingly-integrated eCommerce environment calls for greater integration between merchants, service providers, and industry partners.

The Promise of E-Commerce: A World Without Borders: Going cross-border is essential for businesses of all sizes. With help from DJ Murphy (Editor,, merchants can make their cross-border strategy a success.

Continuing the custom of Fraud360 events, the main discussions will be followed by a special Q&A panel. There will also be short breaks between each session for guests to enjoy refreshments while networking and strengthening industry relationships.

About the Fraud360 World Tour

The Fraud360 World Tour is a series of free-to-attend events aimed at spreading knowledge of current fraud trends and technologies in major markets throughout the global payments industry. Attendees can hear from some of the world’s leading fraud and risk mitigation experts, ask questions, and suggest new ideas for revenue retention.

Other upcoming dates on the Fraud360 World Tour include stops in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

If you’re interested in speaking with our representatives at one of these events, please contact us at to arrange a time.

Fraud360 World Tour—New York

September 19, 2017

New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York, NY

You can learn more about this exciting event on the event website.