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January 9, 2017 | 6 min read


Address Customer Service Shortcomings to Increase Profitability

Very few merchants maintain a consistent volume of sales throughout the year. Instead, most experience an ebb and flow, often on a seasonal basis.

One department in particular—customer service—suffers under the strain of this unpredictability. To alleviate common challenges and shortcomings, merchants often take advantage of on-demand services provided by call centers.

icon1-01Why Hire an Overflow Call Center?

Some eCommerce businesses supplement their existing customer service staff with additional support, using on-demand call centers to handle overflow and address temporary needs. However, not all merchants recognize the value in this practice.

Clearing customer service chokepoints tends to be one of the most undervalued methods of ensuring eCommerce profitability.

Increased Conversions and Greater Profits

Research reveals a clear correlation between the quality of a customer’s experience and the business’s earning potential.

On average, the lifetime value of a customer is as much as 10 times the original purchase. Additionally, 70% of American consumers said they would spend more money with a particular merchant if exceptional customer service was provided. It pays to ensure customers are satisfied and eager to return.

Unfortunately, failing to recognize the value of loyal, satisfied customers comes at a price. Nearly 80% of consumers have terminated an intended purchase because of a poor service experience, and nearly 60% would switch to a different brand for improved customer service.

Improved Reputation

Studies have also found it takes 12 positive experiences to compensate for one unresolved negative experience. Moreover, complaints about bad customer service reach more than twice as many people as praise for good customer service.

Social media and online review platforms make it easy for the voice of disgruntled consumers to be heard. When customers’ expectations aren’t met, those shoppers are usually lost forever—and if they make an effort to tarnish the brand’s reputation as they go, future customers will likely be deterred too.

Not only will a damaged reputation decrease the likelihood of future sales, it will also increase the odds of chargebacks. Customers who think they might be a victim of merchant fraud often go online to see how other shoppers have fared in the past. If bad reviews are abundant, assumptions—likely inaccurate—could be made.

Improving the customer experience will not only prevent reputational damage, but could also generate new and valuable public accolades.

Decreased Chargebacks

If interacting with the merchant’s customer service results in long wait times, limited hours of operation, or redundant IVR menus, customers will likely turn to other methods of conflict resolution—such as filing a chargeback.

According to a customer survey, 81% of customers who filed a chargeback did so out of convenience, not out of necessity resulting from legitimate cases of fraud. Customers perceive the bank as a no-hassle option for a refund.

In today’s age of instant gratification, it is imperative that merchants quickly and effectively resolve customers’ concerns. Otherwise, the appeal of chargeback fraud will only continue to intensify.

Friendly fraud, or these unwarranted or illegitimate chargebacks, is increasing at a rate of 50% annually in certain regions and industries. Of those consumers who have successfully filed a friendly fraud chargeback, 40% will initiate another with the next 60 days.

Helpful and engaging human interactions facilitated by on-demand service providers can help reduce the risk of illegitimate chargebacks.

icon2-01Where Can Merchants Find an Overflow Call Center?

Merchants who are considering outsourcing to a call center are welcome to contact Chargebacks911® for additional assistance. Chargebacks911 is an agnostic, independent service provider, specializing in comprehensive risk mitigation. Regardless of the call center selected, Chargebacks911 can help ensure the additional services are optimized for success.

There are many different call centers that provide overflow services to merchants of all sizes and industries. The below are just a few of the available options.

Service Provider Location Minimums
Cost* Setup Fee? 24/7 Service?

Alpha Connect

Phoenix, AZ $0 $350 Yes Yes


Portland, OR

$0 $399 Yes Yes


Willow Grove, PA

$0 $150 No Yes


Unity, ME

$0 $425 Yes Yes

Specialty Answering Service

King of Prussia, PA

$0 $469 Yes Yes

Go Answer

Garden City, NY

$50 $420 Yes Yes


Sacramento, CA

29 min. Unknown Unknown Yes

Call Experts

Charleston, SC

$50 $410 Yes Yes

MAP Communications

Chesapeake, VA

$0 $554 Unknown Yes


Erie, PA

$0 $355 Yes Yes

Contact One

Lakewood, CO

100 min. $95** Unknown Yes

* Average price for 500 minutes or 150 calls. **Average price for minimum monthly volume.

icon3-01Optimizing the Experience

After selecting an on-demand service provider, merchants should keep the following points in mind as they work to manage and build a relationship with their new vendor. This ensures end-to-end accountability, instilling confidence that the merchant receives the most efficient and effective service possible in kind with the customer service skills customers expect.

Think Strategically

Many businesses end up failing to properly leverage their service providers’ full capacity. Before coming to a decision about how best to deploy solutions, the merchant should ask the following:

  • Do I need round-the-clock backup, or just during certain times/seasons?
  • How can I leverage supplemental customer service alongside in-house associates?
  • What is the highest volume we can confidently handle in-house before overflowing?

Analyze Costs

Although most services charge a standard rate, there may be exceptions to this, including additional fees and hidden charges. For example, the merchant may need to purchase licenses for representatives to use the business’s software, or the call center may charge an additional premium for higher volume orders.

It is advantageous for merchants to work with service providers who provide transparency regarding prices and additional costs. Analyzing this information can help ensure the on-demand services generate sufficient ROI.

Establish Relationships

It’s advisable to start off new relationships with service providers on a high-touch basis. This way, merchants can clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of their service provider, and can also ask questions about any miscellaneous matters which may be unclear or confusing.

Maintain Standards and Expectations

Merchants must identify and disclose the things that make their organization unique—the culture, philosophy, skills, insights, or anything else which defines and distinguishes the company.

It is imperative that the brand is represented cohesively from one individual platform to another.

Maintain Accountability

Many answering services and call centers monitor agents to ensure that customers receive consistent, quality service. This feature is highly valuable. Holding services providers and their representatives accountable for their actions helps insure the brand’s identity is upheld.

icon4-01Outsourcing Enables Agile Growth

Rather than the classic debate of build versus buy, maintaining a relationship with a third-party service for on-demand needs offers the best of both worlds.

If you’d like assistance implementing on-demand call center services, contact Chargebacks911 today. We can help ensure this new venture is tactically incorporated into your existing platforms to ensure optimal profitability—without increased risk exposure.


If you’re a call center with on-demand services and your company isn’t listed in this roundup, email info@chargebacks911.com to be included.

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