Could Augmented Reality be the Solution for Chargebacks & Refunds in 2023?Insights From Chargebacks911® Featured by BRC

September 22, 2023 | 2 min read

Could Augmented Reality be the Solution for Chargebacks & Refunds in 2023?

Augmented reality, or “AR,” could fundamentally transform how we engage with eCommerce, as noted in a recent feature for BRC.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is a leading trade organization for retailers operating in the UK and European markets. The BRC’s membership comprises over 5,000 businesses delivering £180bn of retail sales and employing over one and a half million employees.

As noted in the piece, AR could reshape how shoppers interact with retailers and products. “To illustrate, let's consider a customer looking to buy a couch online,” the author notes. “While photos and measurements provide some information, augmented reality lets customers virtually position the couch in their space, previewing its aesthetics and compatibility. This allows for a much more dynamic experience and more informed decision making.”

This could have a positive impact on the state of disputes in the eCommerce space. Giving customers a better, more tangible experience with products makes them less likely to request refunds or chargebacks later. However, certain challenges may remain.

“The technology must deliver accurate and reliable results. Otherwise, it could backfire, leading to more returns and chargebacks. If that couch we mentioned earlier does not reflect the impression that an AR tool gave to customers, for instance, they may respond with refunds or even chargebacks.”

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