Common Click Fraud Tactics & How to Prevent Them

Monica Eaton-Cardone’s Click Fraud Tips for the Get Elastic Blog

Chargebacks911® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone, a noted expert on the subject of digital payments fraud, contributed a new guest feature for Get Elastic. The post follows up on her most recent piece for the site about click fraud, with Monica exploring how to identify and prevent new attacks.

Get Elastic is an Ad Age Power 150-ranked blog. The site was named “the #1 eCommerce Blog” by PostRank, and was named among the “15 Entrepreneur Blogs Worth Reading” by The Wall Street Journal.

In the post, Monica explains that while online advertising can be incredibly effective, there is a strong incentive to commit fraud. Given the $11 billion in projected annual ad spend in 2018, fraudsters desperately want a share. “But of course, with any market of that size, you’re going to see some bad actors attracted by the opportunity to make a quick buck,” Monica explains. “There’s an incentive for publishers and affiliates to produce as many clicks as possible…even if they’re not real.”

There are solutions to this problem, though. The answer is a multilayer strategy that targets the different sources of click fraud.

“With the technology currently available, you must be cognizant of the warning signs of bot activity. For instance, your click-through rate should be within a reasonable range; abnormally high numbers suggest something is wrong. Other warning signs, such as high bounce rates and dramatic changes in velocity should be investigated, too.”