Chargebacsk911® COO Interviewed by WTSP News 10 Tampa Bay

Cybersecurity Expert Monica Eaton-Cardone Offers Advice to Defend Against COVID-19 Scams

Chargebacsk911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone is a widely-respected expert in the areas of payments, fraud, and online security. As such, she was asked to offer some tips for consumers in the Tampa Bay area to defend themselves against scammers preying on unsuspecting individuals during the current COVID crisis.

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It’s important to remember that fraudsters are opportunistic. Anytime they identify a vulnerability in the market, they will look for a chance to exploit that weakness, and the COVID-19 crisis is no exception. “There are people out there who are that heartless,” as host Kendall Kirkham put it, referring to scammers who are willing to leverage the pandemic for personal gain.

Many consumers and businesses are in uncharted territory. And as Monica explains, this fact presents new opportunities for fraudsters who are willing to take advantage of the situation.

“[Criminals] have so many new victims available because so many consumers are now using the internet for the first time [to make purchases], or are ordering things on apps. And you don’t just have consumers; you have many business owners that have transitioned to a virtual payment method.”