Chargebacks911 Wins Ai Lions’ Den Award

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Chargebacks911 Earns Top Honors for Second Year in a Row

We’re happy to announce Chargebacks911® has won the Lions’ Den showcase at the Ai Travel Fraud Symposium for the second year in a row.

About the Ai Lions' Den Award

Inspired by hit shows like Shark Tank and its European equivalent, Dragons’ Den, The Lions’ Den is one of the most highly-anticipated events at the annual Travel Fraud Symposium, sponsored by Airline Information.

This competition invites contestants to step in front of a panel of industry executives and pitch their fraud prevention strategies and solutions in five minutes or less. The panel then provides critical feedback on the products, as well as the overall presentation.

This year’s panelists included:

  • Sara Savidge (Director of Strategic & Enterprise Development, First Data)
  • Sandeep Mander (VP Sales—Airlines, Continuum Commerce)
  • David Cabreza (Director of International Distribution Services, Hilton Hotels & Resorts)

Chargebacks911’s competition included several other widely-known solution providers including Ravelin and Ethoca.

This is part of what makes the Ai Lions’ Den such a significant honor: the award puts us in direct competition with other contestants based solely on each’s ability to clearly demonstrate the value of their services.

Chargebacks911: Always a Trendsetter

This honor recognizes both the technologies and innovations on display, as well as the overall strength of the presentation in explaining the value of provided solutions. Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone certainly stood out in that regard, giving the judges a taste of the first Lions’ Den submission ever delivered via rap!

Of course, Monica’s unique presentation was just one of the many reasons Chargebacks911 managed to pull-off their second consecutive win. The backbone of the award is the strength of the technologies and solutions on display.

Thanks once again to the judges and our fellow contestants—we’ll be looking forward to next year’s presentation!

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