Chargebacks911® VP Interviewed By Global Fintech SeriesAndy Tierney Shares Thoughts About Recent Partnership With Nexio

June 22, 2022 | 2 min read

Chargebacks911® VP Interviewed By Global Fintech Series

In a Nutshell

Andy Tierney of Chargebacks911 shares his thoughts about our partnership with fintech startup Nexio in a recent Global Fintech Series article.

Andy Tierney, VP of Strategic Accounts for Chargebacks911, recently sat down with interviewers with Global Fintech Series to discuss our new a partnership with Nexio.

Global FinTech Series covers top Finance technology news, editorial insights, and digital marketing trends from around the globe. Get relevant updates on modern Fintech adoption with Fintech interviews, tech articles, and events.

Andy is a specialist in expanding relationships with payment processors, gateways, acquiring banks, and merchants. His aims is to increase adoption rates of Chargebacks911 platforms and help manage chargeback mitigation and dispute resolution. Our new partnership with Nexio will further this goal by helping improve dispute management response and end-to-end solutions for both companies moving forward.

“Our key innovation has always been data collection and analysis,” Andy says when asked what Chargebacks911’s about Chargebacks911’s role. “There is a lot more to a chargeback claim than the information provided by acquirers, and by connecting the dots our technology can tell, for example, that one particular customer has made multiple chargeback claims across several different merchants.”

Regarding Nexio’s inclusion, Andy elaborates, “In short, by integrating our chargeback solutions into Nexio, we make sure that every one of their merchants has a complete end-to-end approach when it comes to tackling chargeback fraud. This gives everyone a competitive advantage over companies accepting chargeback fraud and a faster path to revenue growth. For many companies, increasing revenue by even a few percent could mean reinvesting in their products and marketing to increase growth – combined with Nexio’s own technology, they should all be able to make significant savings on everyday expenses that other companies ignore.”

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