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Preventing chargeback abuse isn’t an isolated matter for eCommerce merchants. When friendly fraud and other loss sources cause rising costs for businesses, those costs eventually trickle down to the consumer. In a new feature for BadCredit.Org, representatives from Chargebacks911 explain why some businesses are at higher risk, and how to mitigate risk through better chargeback management.

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As the industry leaders in dispute mitigation, Chargebacks911 are a primary source for information on chargebacks and online fraud. And, given the ever-increasing chargeback costs facing merchants, spreading information about the dispute process has never been more important.

“Chargebacks cost businesses $31 billion in 2017,” said Ilyssa Kanan, Chargebacks911 VP of Sales. “There are false positives, returns fraud, increased banking costs. For merchants, they don’t even know how to get a handle on it.”

Chargebacks911 was developed by former eCommerce merchants. That’s why we understand the challenges faced by businesses on such a fundamental level.

“We’ll do an in-depth discovery analysis, depending on the business,” Ilyssa says. After analysis, we diagnose the merchant’s pain points, and prescribe the right solution to fit their needs. “It’s a software package that essentially handles all the chargeback issues for the company,” Kanan said. “And we also guarantee a win rate.”