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Chargebacks911 Pays-it-Forward by Supporting "Paid for Grades"

Corporate social responsibility is a high priority at Chargebacks911.

Our organization has a focus on promoting educational excellence. We make a significant impact on our local community by partnering with nonprofit organization Paid for Grades and the Pinellas Education Foundation.

This Year’s Total: $73,000

Chargebacks911 is Paid for Grades' official sponsor. We give students the resources they need to improve their abilities and recognize their inherent self-worth.

Our participating schools for the 2016-2017 school year included Boca Ciega High School, Clearwater High School, and Pinellas Park High School. Together we helped 96 students at these schools improve their reading ability this scholastic year. 66 of those students saw their reading comprehension improve by at least one grade level.

Our total contributions for the 2016-2017 school year currently stand at $73,000. Those funds will bring new resources to classrooms and encourage students to advance their education.

About Paid for Grades

Paid for Grades grew is an essential resource to enrich the lives of local students. The high school program consists of literacy tutoring and life skills enhancement components.

Students who complete both segments receive a cash reward. Participating schools also receive resources to aid future success in the form of a technology grant. The amount awarded to each school compounds with each successful student. The Need for Student Incentive Programs

More than one million young Americans drop out of school each year; millions more face a range of daily hardships in attempting to obtain an education. Resulting widespread under-performance costs the U.S. more than $240 billion annually in lost earning potential, tax revenues and increased social services.

Studies identify a link between low reading ability and the likelihood a student will leave school without graduating. Encouraging and assisting students to improve their reading ability, however, can have a profound effect on a child’s life.

Paid for Grades provides students with a tangible incentive in the form of a cash reward, but students find that they end up gaining much more:

Paid for Grades made a big impact on me and my future. I now have more knowledge of the future and what comes with it.”

Jahshya, GPFG 2016 Participant

This program definitely impacted me… I am thinking more about my future, and I already know what to do ahead of time to prepare myself”

Barroniqua, GPFG 2016 Participant

My overall confidence has gone up because my grades went up.”

Cheyann, GPFG 2016 Participant

Through her own experience as a tutor in years past, Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone witnessed the impact that such achievements can have in a young person’s trajectory:

“This has been a very humbling year to see all the students go through the program and find unbelievable success. I’m confident that we’ve been able to make a difference for these students, and hopefully, for generations to come.”

Today’s children are already influencing our communities in a significant way. When businesses come together to make our communities even stronger, we all benefit. The support we are able to give children, their educators, and their schools will enhance our society for years to come.

When you are motivating students with money, that’s the buy-in at first.  But then in the end, you realize that they’re not just doing it for the money—they end up getting a certain confidence about them and the motivation comes more from within.”

Jennifer, GPFG 2016 Tutor

All of us at Chargebacks911 would highly encourage any merchant hoping to become an active corporate citizen to consider sponsoring a school through Paid for Grades. Visit or email Sandra Gray at to find how your business can help make a difference in a young person’s life.

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