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Melissa Fitzsimmons PayPod Podcast

Melissa Fitzsimmons of Chargebacks911 Appears on PayPod Podcast

Chargebacks911’s own Business Development Specialist Melissa Fitzsimmons joined host Scott Hawksworth on the October 26, 2018 episode of the PayPod podcast. Scott and Melissa discuss several important topics regarding chargebacks over the course of the 30-minute episode, including:

  • Why chargebacks are such a problem for merchants.
  • How to tell legitimate disputes from the false ones.
  • How expert insight can help protect your business.

…and much, much more.

The Way to Go: Expert Insight

Melissa and Scott’s conversation touched on many different facets of the chargeback problem. They also touched on why expert mediation is the best way for most merchants to move forward.

“Things change so fast, a lot of times, even for us, we can see changes happening by the day,” Melissa commented. “I don’t even know how merchants are supposed to be capable of following the changes…on top of successfully doing all of the other things they need to do to run their business. It’s a full-time task, which is why we’ve solely dedicated ourselves to just this problem.”

As she explained, getting help from the experts is your best bet to protect your business against chargebacks. However, even if outsourcing is the best option, there’s still plenty of steps you can take today to help mitigate your risk.