Chargebacks911® Makes a Difference at 2018 Dragon Boat Race

Participates in Tampa Bay International Dragon Boat Race to Benefit Junior League of Tampa

What’s better than making a positive change in your community…while also getting some exercise and having fun?!

That’s exactly what the Chargebacks911 team did on April 27, when we participated in the 2018 Tampa Bay International Dragon Boat Race. All proceeds go to benefit the Junior League of Tampa, an organization that’s helped promote community improvement and develop potential for female leaders for nearly a century.

2,000 Years of History Comes to Life

A dragon boat is a kind of man-powered watercraft hailing from southern China. Though most modern versions are made of carbon fiber, these boats were traditionally carved from teak or other hardwood. Dragon boat racing as a watersport and ritual practice dates back more than 2,000 years, and it remains popular to this day throughout China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries in the region.

The Pan Am Dragon Boat Association brought this ancient sport here to Tampa Bay, drawing hundreds of spectators and participants Rocky Point this April.

Each boat featured a team of 18-20 rowers, plus another at the helm to steer and a drummer to keep time. We were up against athletes of all skill levels, from professional racers to corporate teams and locals passionate about helping their community. In the end, the Chargebacks911 team walked away with the bronze metal: a respectable finish for a volunteer team!

About the Junior League of Tampa

The Junior League of Tampa was founded in 1926. The group’s goal is to promote the welfare of vulnerable children and families and help break the cycle of poverty through literacy, life skills, and health and nutrition education.

According to the group’s mission statement, their three key focuses include:

  • Promoting voluntarism
  • Developing the potential of women
  • Improving communities through action and leadership

We were more than happy to come out in support of this great organization and to help spread their program. Click here to learn more about the Junior League of Tampa, or to see how you can get involved.

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