Chargebacks911® Profiled for FStech Awards 2020

New Feature Explores How We Make the “Best Use of Data & Analytics” in 2020

Earlier this month, we announced Chargebacks911 were the winners of the Best Use of Data & Analytics title at the FStech Awards 2020. Following-up on this success, the fintech influencers at FStech profiled us with a special interview featuring Chargebacks911 COO Monica Eaton-Cardone.

The 20th annual FStech Awards recognize excellence and innovation in IT. The awards are open to any business operating in the UK or EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). Winners in all categories were set to be announced during a ceremony at the London Marriot Hotel, Grosvenor Square, on March 19. Due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the awards were presented at a live-streamed virtual event instead.

The award presenters cited our Intelligent Source Detection™ technology as a key development in payment dispute management. Rather than rely on outdated and inaccurate dispute reason codes, our ISD technology gives merchants the power to identify chargebacks by their true source. As they put it, ISD helps merchants to “mend inefficient business processes, while stopping the onset of certain dispute types.”

The two-page feature includes an interview with Monica, exploring what makes our technologies so uniquely innovative. “What makes our solution particularly effective is that our artificial intelligence technology is coupled with data analysis from our team of industry experts. Businesses are able to streamline chargeback management, with higher recovery rates and improved decision-making.”

Best of all, ISD is not a static technology; it is constantly evolving to meet new challenges in the payments space. “ISD is a predictive technology – to maintain efficacy, we must research and analyze developing trends and potential risks. This allows us to continually asses how chargebacks are impacting those in the industry.”