Chargebacks911® Partners with LimeLight


Introducing LimeLight—Our Newest Partner in the Fight for the Future of eCommerce

On behalf of the entire Chargebacks911 team, we’re very excited to announce our newest industry partner: LimeLight!

The LimeLight continuity commerce platform is already among the industry’s most robust offerings for performance marketers in eCommerce. Now, LimeLight clients will enjoy the added benefit of Chargebacks911’s end-to-end chargeback mitigation services.

LimeLight Makes eCommerce Simple

LimeLight is designed to help businesses grow. If you’re not familiar with LimeLight’s services, these are just a few of the benefits they provide:


LimeLight’s flexible approach to eCommerce can support any billing model, from one-time purchases to continuity and long-term subscription services, as well as both digital and physical goods. Their approach to rebilling enables clients to reduce overall customer churn and retain good customers.

In-Depth Analytics

More than 20 different dashboards and visualizations offer extensive analytic support and insight into merchants’ performance with no need to export data. This enables businesses to monitor trends, with predictive segmentation to bring the most effective channels, campaigns, and strategies to the fore.

Optimize Integration & CX

LimeLight’s innovative tools can easily integrate into WordPress. Clients can also use the LimeLight API to reinvent their front-end customer experience. Either way you choose, the company’s approach provides a seamless integration for the best customer experience possible.

Already a LimeLight Client?

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There’s no need to hunt-down the best service provider to optimize each individual node in your business. LimeLight offers the benefits of scores of different partners covering every facet of the process.

Fulfillment, acquisition, marketing, payments, fraud prevention: all these and many more are part of the highly-integrated LimeLight experience.

Integrating Chargebacks911 into the LimeLight Strategy

Chargeback mitigation isn’t fun, but it’s an essential part of ensuring the future of any eCommerce business. That’s why we’re proud to join the LimeLight suite of integrated services.

According to Gary Cardone, CEO of Chargebacks911: “Chargebacks remain a significant barrier to growth for online businesses, particularly in the affiliate marketing and subscription-based ecommerce industries. We’re very happy to further expand our partnership with LimeLight, helping protect and defend their entire global merchant-client base from eCommerce risks, including first and second-party fraud.”

Our partnership with LimeLight is a natural fit, as LimeLight CEO Brian Bogosian explains: “LimeLight processes billions of dollars of ecommerce transactions, so we know that fraud and chargebacks are a big problem for eCommerce merchants…integrating Chargebacks911 features into our platform provides our clients with the seamless experience and deep analytics and reporting features they have come to expect from LimeLight.”

Our industry-defining approach to chargeback mitigation already helps hundreds of merchants across dozens of verticals maximize their revenue, prevent loss, and ensure long-term business sustainability. Now, we have the opportunity to offer that same level of unparalleled chargeback defense to LimeLight clients at all levels of business.

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